Personal Enrichment Classes


Participate in Personal Enrichment and Lifelong Learning classes and workshops at WCCC and …..
• Keep active and enrich your life
• Meet new and interesting people
• Continue to learn and expand your horizons
• Explore new skills and develop new interests
• Travel and learn in new ways
• Make connections in the community
• Stay mentally fit…..and have FUN!

Enjoy adventures in Lifelong Learning at WCCC:
• No tests, no grades, no homework
• Stimulating and non-stress formats
• Learning for the love of learning
• Explore the world around you – going, seeing, learning & discovering

Next Beginner 5 String Banjo session starts in January!
We have put the our in-class Conversational Spanish courses on hold for now, but we are offering an online alternative.
Check out Speed Spanish to learn similar strategies to begin your endeavor into conversational Spanish.
We are restarting our Genealogy course on January 13, 2015 under a new name, "Preserving Your History: Using Genealogy Resource Tools". This course will use RootsMagic, Adobe Photoshop & Microsoft Word to put together family genealogy books.
See Courses available in attachment below. For more information, call 513.932.8145
Online Learning Center
We also offer a multitude of classes on line, contracted through Ed2Go, in a wide variety of topics:
    Click HERE to view the latest online computer software classes
    Click HERE to view a list of online courses in the following categories:
• Creative Writing
• Digital Photography
• Language Classes
• How to Buy & Sell on e-Bay
• And a variety of additional interesting topics
   Click HERE to go to the Online Learning Center home page for complete access to all of our courses.
We are currently working to get a date locked in for both the Great American Ball Park & Reds Hall of Fame & Museum Tour and the Wright Patterson Air Force Base Tour. If you would like you can email your name, phone number and email to and I will contact you as soon as we have the trip dates. Thanks for your patience, we look forward to seeing you on the tour!
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Personal Enrichment


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