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Apprenticeships & Industry Partnerships

Apprenticeships & Industry Partnerships

Build Your Skilled Workforce

2018 Crane One Apprenticeship signing
Warren County Career Center develops valuable business partnerships to benefit our students through apprenticeships. Pictured above is a 2018 signing of students beginning an apprenticeship developed with Crane One. We welcome ideas and new partnerships from our area industry leaders and encourage them to reach out to us!

Did you know? Registered Apprenticeships provide a combination of in-class instruction and on-the-job training, and allow apprentices to learn a skilled profession, earn wages, and can also lead to a nationally recognized industry credential!

ApprenticeOhio programs are an inexpensive way to build a highly skilled, motivated workforce.  The programs emphasize learning by doing, and they are thriving. More than 19,000 registered apprentices are working in Ohio, in over 200 different occupations.

Programs can be sponsored by Warren County Career Center’s Adult Education Division as the registered Apprenticeship sponsor to ease the burden of paperwork on:  individual employers, small business owners, trade associations, industry groups, Chambers of Commerce, community groups, non-union entities/businesses, unionized businesses and labor organizations.

Registered apprentices are employed from Day One, although their wages are paid progressively until  the skills outlined in the apprenticeship agreement between the employer, the apprentice, and the state are mastered. Apprentices are provided on-the-job training by a skilled mentor and attend classroom instruction that aligns directly with their job duties.

Interested? Please contact:
Workforce Development Coordinator Yvonne Kaszubowski at 513-932-5677 ext. 5269 or [email protected] 
Advanced Manufacturing Coordinator Dave Guinn at 513-933-3938 or [email protected] 

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