COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

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Latest Update!

Covid dashboard 1 HS confirmed case Update Oct. 16, 2020:

Hello Warren County Career Center Families,

Our ultimate goal is to return to five traditional days as soon as it is safe. However, with the county level alert system being elevated to red, we, unfortunately, cannot continue with our plans to return to the traditional five-day week as planned at this time. While we want nothing more than to have our students on campus for both academics and lab each and every day, now is not the time to make this transition safely.

When making the decision about how we should proceed, we included the voice of our students, staff, and community. While opinions widely vary on such a sensitive topic, one thing was very clear from an overwhelming majority. The students of WCCC want and need, both in-person lab and academic classes at this time to be most successful. While students come to WCCC for career training and preparation in their desired career field, academics play a crucial role in the overall education of our students. Academics are not only required for graduation, academic learning supports and enriches career tech comprehension as well. Career tech is most successful when students gain hands-on skills that are accompanied and supported by academic theories and problem-solving skills.

While the county level is in red, we will continue with the schedule students have been on for the last two weeks (Oct. 6-16). Juniors and students in Lab 1, will attend all day both Monday and Tuesday, following a traditional schedule. Seniors and students in Lab 2, will attend both Thursday and Friday following a traditional schedule. Wednesdays will be remote for all students. 

We are committed to providing students with the opportunity and resources they need to gain the hours and experience necessary to earn certifications and industry credentials even through this difficult time. Program instructors will continue to provide guidance to students so they are able to work on their skills while at home.

As we have said from the beginning, our plans will remain fluid so that we can adapt to changes and situations as we are faced with them. We will continuously assess our plans, local data, and community feedback. At this time, we are committed to transitioning to a five-day traditional schedule when the alert level drops back down to orange. We appreciate your continued support of WCCC. While we recognize that everyone may not agree with our plans at all times, we hope that you know that we will always do what is best for students.

Thank you for being a part of the WCCC family. Stay safe and healthy.


The WCCC Administration Team
Update on Oct. 2, 2020: Attention Springboro bus riders 
Beginning next week (10/5/20), Springboro will run a bus at the end of the career center day so that you do not have to leave for Springboro's early dismissal. The shuttle bus will leave WCCC at 2:07, and return to Springboro HS. There will be no additional transportation, so you must arrange a way home from there. You will be allowed to hang out in the SHS Commons area until 2:30 while you wait for your ride. Please make arrangements accordingly.
As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Update on Sept. 24, 2020: COVID-19 News

On Wednesday, September 23, we were informed of 2 positive, unrelated COVID-19 WCCC high school cases, 1 involving a Main Campus student and 1 involving a Greentree Campus student.  Through contact tracing, the details we can provide at this time are as follows:
  • There are 2 independent cases, 1 Main Campus high school student, and 1 Greentree student.
  • After working directly with the Warren County Health Department on contract tracing there were 4 additional students and 1 staff person put into quarantine as a result of these cases. 
  • These students/families will work with the Warren County Health Department to determine when they can safely return back to WCCC.
  • As always, any persons considered to have a positive exposure as a result of these cases will be contacted directly. 
As a district, we will not provide names or descriptive details about the person(s) involved. While there may be public interest in the cases, our first priority will be the student and/or staff members' right to privacy. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to us by telephone at 513.932.5677. Please continue to protect yourselves, families, and students by being diligent about healthy practices like washing your hands, maintaining safe distances, and staying home when not feeling well. 

Thank you, 
Warren County Career Center
Administration Team

Update on September 14, 2020: COVID-19 News
Current Positive Cases: 2
Currently Quarantined: 2
On Monday, September 14, we were notified of an Adult Education student that tested positive; this case resulted in no additional quarantines after contact tracing. Please remember that if there is a confirmed case or elevated risk, anyone that is considered exposed will be contacted directly.   
Staff and students must notify the school immediately if they have been exposed, tested for, or diagnosed with COVID 19. WCCC COVID-19 Contact:Bev Mount, District Nurse 513.932.5677 ext. 5233 [email protected]  

Update on Sept. 4, 2020: COVID-19 News
We reported Friday, Sept. 4, that we had our first COVID-19 positive case within the district. As always, we want to be transparent and upfront with our families about any information that impacts their students as quickly as possible. We found out Sept. 4 that one student from our Greentree campus is positive for COVID. After working directly with the Warren County Health Department on contract tracing five students were considered exposed and will be quarantined. In an abundance of caution, one staff member will also go on quarantine as well. Please remember that if your student was exposed you would have already been contacted directly, so no news is good news in this case.

In total, we have one positive case and seven total quarantined throughout the district. The additional quarantined case was unrelated to this situation and did not impact any additional WCCC students/staff. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to us by telephone at 513.932.5677. Please continue to protect yourselves, families, and students by being diligent about healthy practices like washing your hands, maintaining safe distances, and staying home when not feeling well.

Policy on Quarantine, Return Announced

We have officially started the 2020-21 high school year. We appreciate all of our students and staff following guidelines closely and doing all they can to keep one another safe.

While we hope it doesn't happen, we recognize that we may indeed eventually have a case of COVID 19 in our district. As always, we want to be transparent and communicate with our students, staff, and families quickly and clearly.

See link at right for full details, but in summary, we want everyone to understand a few key things.

- The Health Department, (not WCCC), manages the following:
Contract tracing (with the help of our staff).
Determining any person(s) "exposed" that needs to be quarantined.
Communicating with COVID 19 positive person, and those that are considered exposed.
Setting the guidelines for safe return to school/work.

The privacy of students/staff is our priority. Anyone that is considered "exposed" will be contacted. So if we have a case and your student is not contacted by the WCHD, consider no news, good news.

These are unique times and there are no perfect solutions or answers. We want families to know that we are trying to do the best we can to provide students a safe environment while they prepare for their future in the career field they love! If you ever have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can call or email us at [email protected] 

High School Students and Parents: 
Parents and students, we have major steps that must be taken now concerning student forms and free and reduced lunch applications.

If your family qualifies for free and reduced lunch and breakfast, you must return their free and reduced lunch form to their career tech teacher as soon as possible if you have not already done so. Students who want to buy lunch or breakfast on Main Campus must have a Payforit account ( and add money to it prior to making a purchase. Main Campus students may also pay the lunch staff directly with a check or cash but change cannot be provided. Students on the Greentree Campus have different options temporarily, contact [email protected] for details if needed.

If you have not yet, it is very important that you complete the student online forms using One View located at Students will be unable to visit worksites with their labs and will have to remain on campus if these forms are not completed. Likewise, students will be unable to purchase a parking permit if these forms have not been completed. In the near future, students will need to bring in the required documentation (license, registration, proof of insurance, $10) for their parking permit or will not be able to park on campus.  Please email [email protected] with questions.

High School Transportation Info

By law, transportation to and from WCCC is provided by each student’s partner district. Students may choose to drive to campus on their assigned day. Open enrolled students, who are not enrolled at one of WCCC’s partner districts, must provide their own transportation. Please check with your individual school district to understand their transportation plan for WCCC students. Click HERE for a list of bus garage numbers.

Since transportation is provided by the partner school, please follow their individual guidelines relating to social distancing and wearing a face mask/covering when riding the school bus to/from WCCC. Once on WCCC’s campus, a mask will be required. 

Adult Education Open Protocols

Adult Education is open with lab instruction. The WCCC Authorized Testing Center is also open. The Aspire Office is operating vitrually for the summer. See the Aspire webpage for more info. WCCC’s prime consideration is for student safety and health during this attempt at returning students to their labs for this invaluable on-site hands-on training. 

See CARES Act information at right. 

In an effort to comply with governmental mandates, the following safety protocols are in place for Adult Education:

* Upon arrival, a non-contact thermometer will be used to monitor each student’s core body temperature before access to the building will be granted

* Building access will only be granted to students and staff members who have a core body temperature of less than 99.7°F

* Daily inquiries will be made related to symptoms consistent with Covid-19 infection

* Daily inquires will be made related to a student’s ingestion of medications which might reduce or disguise an elevated body temperature

* Staff and students will be required to wear masks which cover both mouth and nose for the entire duration of their time within the WCCC buildings

* Disinfection of your classroom will occur prior and after each class.

* All instruction will take place within the confines of the respective lab area.

* All campus common areas including the commons, break-rooms and vending machines will be off-limits to students

* Students will not be permitted to socially interact with students from other classes

* After a student enters campus property, they will be instructed not to leave the property for food or other reasons until the conclusion of their class

* If a student leaves the campus property for any reason before being dismissed or at the conclusion of the class, they will not be readmitted to the building on the same day 

2020 High School Plan, Info, Covid-19 Procedures

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Ohio COVID-19 Careline: 1-800-720-9616
Confidential, emotional support is available 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week
Between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., the line rolls over to a national helpline 


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