COVID-19 Information

District Closed Until April 6, 2020
All WCCC campuses closed for high school, adult and preschool due to coronavirus outbreak in Ohio, and direction from the Governor to close all schools for three weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we do our part to keep our students, staff, and the community safe and healthy. Resources:

COVID-19 Information

Information on COVID-19

Coronavirus info
Update March 28, 2020
Hello from Superintendent Rick Smith to WCCC Students and Parents,

I want to begin this weekly update by expressing gratitude. Certainly for our health workers, but also for our educators, our parents, and our students.  All of you have had your lives upended; all of you are feeling anxious about your own health and those of others; yet you are finding new ways to continue learning, working hard and showing your care for one another. This is not an easy time, so I hope you know that you have my appreciation.

All Warren County Career Center high school students will begin the transition to remote learning experiences beginning the week of Monday, March 30, 2020. Official assignments will not be assigned until the week of April 6th, 2020. This is in preparation in case the governor extends school closures across the state. As soon as we have new information, we will inform you.

We will use remote learning experiences and resources to support our students during this challenging time. While this style may not fully substitute for the quality of a face-to-face classroom and lab activities, we are prepared to provide our students with creative and unique opportunities to continue their education while WCCC and our home schools are closed. We are committed to supporting all of our students (and parents) throughout the transition to remote learning. Our instructors have been preparing for this launch since March 13th by creating engaging and dynamic online lessons. The following information can help our high school students get started in remote learning. 

• Remote learning can be accessed by any internet-enabled device, including a smartphone.
• Students and families that do not have access to the internet or a device, or other technology issues can call us at 513-933-3922 or email [email protected] and leave a message with contact information.
• Expectations for students may vary depending on their grade level and career tech program.
• For more specific details and information, visit and click “WCCC Remote Learning or go directly here: 

So what is next? Thus far, the Governor has closed schools through April 6th.  I don't know when schools will be officially allowed to reopen, but, we are preparing that the Governor may extend that time period. Our District and offices are now all operating remotely.  The WCCC Campuses and buildings are open on a very limited basis only to essential employees.  If you have questions or requests, please email us.  We are trying to protect our staff, our students and our community.

As always, I wish you the best. Please reach out to me with any questions or to just say hello.


Rick Smith, Superintendent
Update March 20, 2020
From Superintendent Rick Smith to Parents and Students:
We continue to receive updates and recommendations from Governor Mike DeWine, the Ohio Department of Health, and the Ohio Department of Education. As of now, students who attend Warren County Career Center (WCCC) will not return to WCCC until Monday, April 6. If, as expected, the Governor orders schools to remain closed past April 6th, students will begin online learning that day. Any adjustments to this plan will be relayed directly from the WCCC and posted on our website at

Next week is our scheduled Spring Break. While this will certainly not be an ideal Spring Break, it is my hope that students will relax, recharge and make the best of things. Beginning March 30th, students should begin getting back into the school mindset. Encourage your student to log onto their emails, check-in with their teachers, and begin getting acclimated with the Remote Learning Experience that may begin the following week.

While we continue to navigate through these unprecedented times, please know that we are working diligently to make sure that the remote learning will be meaningful and impactful.  We will be assisting teachers and school administration so that they can relay teaching methods, platforms and expectations to you and our students. We are here to support our students, and together we will get through this!  Our students are our highest priority, so for this to be successful, we ask families to partner with us and help our students do the following:

1.) During the week of March 30, WCCC students should be checking their school email for updates concerning upcoming assignments, communications from lab instructors and academic teachers.
2.) Review materials that you had been working on prior, as well as anything sent from your instructor/teacher prior to April 6th.
3.) Continue to work on and update resumes, and look for and secure internships/work opportunities.
4.) Look for potential scholarship opportunities via the shared google sheet labeled 2019-20 Scholarship Listing, which was provided by student services. Ms. Williams will be sharing that out again as well.

Starting today and every Friday you can expect a Friday afternoon update from me until things get back to normal. These messages will be emailed to all students, posted on the district website and shared on social media channels. 
To Summarize:
• If the break extends past April 6, all students will begin Remote Learning Experiences
• I will communicate updates with students and families every Friday afternoon until things return to normal
• District updates will be posted on:
o District website:
o Facebook:
• Find the answers to frequently asked questions here: 
• For a list of community resources, please check our links in the right-hand column of this page.

This is clearly an unprecedented and historical time. Thank you for continued support and patience as we work through COVID-19 as it relates to our students, staff, and school. We ask that you continue to be patient throughout the coming weeks and months. These are uncharted waters that we’ve never experienced before. There will be times when we do not have all of the answers to your questions immediately, but I assure you we will do what we can to get answers to you. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone at (513) 932-5677 ext. 5200, or by email at [email protected]
Update March 19, 2020
WCCC Adult Education is committed to continue providing education for our students as soon as it is reasonable from a public health perspective. Our program coordinators are working on ways to provide the hands-on learning in traditional and non-traditional ways. Our high school instructors are preparing now for delivering instruction through online methods if the break extends beyond April 6, 2020. We urge all our students to check their emails for any updates. 
Update March 16, 2020 from Superintendent Rick Smith
Communication is of the highest priority to me so I wanted to share this with you to just touch base on the details of the coming weeks. WCCC campuses will be completely closed to all students, staff and visitors until Monday, April 6th. While it was a difficult decision to include staff and adult education in the closure, we feel it is our social responsibility to do our part to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

For both adult and high school students, we can assure you that our staff will do whatever it takes to minimize the disruption in progress of your education. We will follow the Ohio Department of Education very closely as they provide updates on possible provisions to student requirements and expectations.  We are confident that when we are on the other side of this bump in the road, all will be well in terms of your student journey.

Our staff spent last Friday on campus collaborating so that we are prepared for a variety of scenarios including additional closures if they are called to go past the current April 6th date. We are being proactive and diligent to be best prepared for our students considering the unpredictability of the coming months. If the time comes for alternative learning methods, we will be ready to accommodate, and feel confident our students will adjust and adapt successfully, because our students are awesome!

While on the break it is our hope that students continue and expand their education by taking this time to reach out to potential employers, update resumes, work on college applications, follow-up on internship opportunities or catch-up on any missing work. Also, be sure to check your email on a regular basis so you are up to date on any WCCC communications.

This is clearly an unprecedented and historical time. We ask that you continue to be patient throughout the coming weeks and months. These are uncharted waters that we’ve never experienced before. There will be times when we do not have all of the answers to your questions immediately, but I assure you we will do what we can to help. Stay connected to our social media and for continued updates. We will also provide links to community and mental health resources as well. We are thankful for our partner districts and communities for all of the support they are making available.

The next few weeks may be difficult for some, and social distancing could be stressful at times. I really encourage you to take this extended time off to spend quality time with family and close friends. Take the time to unplug from technology and enjoy the simple things. Spend time outside, get fresh air and do things that make you laugh and smile.

Students, know that we think the world of you and will miss you while we’re out. Take care and see you all soon!

Cautious Cheers,

Rick Smith

Ohio Governor Mike Dewine called for a three-week "extended Spring Break" for Ohio schools. WCCC campuses will be closed to ALL students, staff, and visitors beginning Saturday, March 14. While this closure is not the easy thing to do, we find it imperative to support the Governor's request for social distancing during these challenging times. It is our responsibility to help protect our students, families and community.

At this time we plan for students and staff to return on Monday, April 6th. However, due to the unprecedented situation, we ask that our stakeholders continue to follow us for updates. If you have any questions, check back on this website for updates and contact information, or email us at [email protected].

Thank you for remaining confident that all decisions made are in the best interest of our students. Thank you for your patience during this historically unique time, and remember, we are all in this together!
How is WCCC making decisions on this closure?
We are following the guidelines set by the Ohio Governor as we do our part to protect the health and safety of our community.  We are monitoring information from the Warren County Health Department, the Ohio Department of Health and Safety, the Centers for Disease Control, the US Health Department and the National Institute of Health. We will re-open school when the Governor has decided it it safe to do so.
What about Adult Education courses and Testing?
We have closed our Adult Education for the mandated three weeks. Course schedules will be adjusted accordingly. Our Testing Coordinator is working remotely and operating our Testing Center for those who can take exams off site in customized training. Most testers will have to wait until the school reopens to be able to take exams that must be monitored onsite. We are monitoring all inquiries to the best of our ability. 
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