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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Employers contact the Warren County Career Center to find qualified workers who are needed in their business or industry. Over 95% of our completing students are employed, are in the military or are enrolled in higher education. Over 50% of those are in post-secondary education.

The best way to connect with our students to offer employment is to register on our Job Placement Center and list your open positions. There is no cost to employers or job seekers for this service. This site is shared with our students on a regular basis through our instructors, and our students and the general public can search the site any time, at no cost, for available jobs.
If you have questions about posting jobs on our placement center, or about employing a student, please contact Registrar Constance Tauber at 513-932-8145 ext. 5319.

Early Placement for High School Students
Early placement provides an opportunity for the student to make a transition from school-trained skills to job skill application under the guidance of the instructor and the employer. Early placement may begin the high school senior year and is open to qualified students in any program. 

Adult Student Placement
Adult Education students are available to employers for placement. Many programs offer internships and externships.
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