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High School Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about high school programs at the Warren County Career Center? Then you've come to the right place! In our FAQ section we'll answer common questions regarding general information, what you need to do to be eligible to enroll, daily routines, and much more. Can't find an answer to your question? Call our main office at 513-932-5677 ext. 0 or email us at [email protected] to find out who you need to talk to and to find your answer. Thanks for visiting!
General Information for High School Students

  • Why should I attend the Career Center?
To become skilled in an occupational area through hands-on experience that can lead to employment after high school and a jump-start on higher education and a successful career. In addition to earning your high school diploma you also receive a certificate of completion in your career technical program and have the opportunity to earn industry certification in your field, and college credits.

  • What does the Career Center have to offer that my home school doesn't?

    Along with learning theory through textbooks and lectures, you learn by applying your knowledge and skills in a workplace environment. Classroom and lab instructional activities relate directly to your career field. Many of our programs have articulated credits toward a college degree.

  • How do I enroll in the Career Center program that is right for me?

    During sophomore visitation, held in late fall every year, you may visit any of the programs you are interested in to find out more about what is offered and how to meet your career goals. Then, when enrollment opens beginning the night of the open house, application will open. You may also call our Student Services Department at 513/932-5677 ext. 5292 to set up a personal visit or request more information.
Extra-Curricular Activities
What extra-curricular activities and clubs are there at the Career Center?

Business Professionals of America is the Career-Technical Student Organization for students in Business Technology, Digital Media and Information Technology satellite programs.

SkillsUSA is the CTSO for students in Aerospace Academy, Automotive Technology, Carpentry, Cosmetology, Criminal Justice, Culinary Technology, Digital Design, Electricity, Fire Science/EMT Basic, Graphic Arts, Heavy Equipment/Site Construction, Welding and Metal Fabrication.
HOSA Future Health Professionals is the CTSO for students in all health programs, including Pre Nursing, Healthcare Management, Dental Assisting, Veterinary Science, Surgical Technology and Legal Medical Office.

Family, Career & Community Leaders of America is the CTSO for Early Childhood Education.

FFA is the CTSO for Landscape Technology.

Educators Rising Ohio is the organization for students in the Teacher Academy.

National Technical Honor Society is for all students with excellent grades and attendance who are recommended by their instructors for academic and leadership success.
Can I still be involved in activities at my home school?

In addition to clubs and activities offered at the Career Center, students have the opportunity to participate in activities at their home school. Several of our students are athletes, band and choir members, cheerleaders, actors in school plays, and involved in various other extra-curricular activities.
Are there any Honors or Awards programs?

Students are eligible to participate in many skills events and award programs through the Career-Technical Student Organizations. Students may compete in skills-event competitions on local, regional, state and national levels. We have had many state and national winners in the past.

We are proud to have a National Technical Honor Society chapter. Students are nominated for this honor based on their grade point average, attendance, involvement, and leadership ability. Each year, students receiving this honor are inducted in the National Technical Honor Society.
Who is eligible to attend the Career Center?

WCCC offers three tiers of application for admission. Any student attending one of the participating high schools for two years who will be at least 16 years of age by October of his/her third year in high school, has earned at least eight high school credits and is on track to graduate is automatically eligible. Students with 2-5 credits with three being in core credits must submit a written plan for success. Students with two credits must submit a written plan for success and have a vocational evaluation.

It is highly recommended that students applying to the Career Center have earned the following credits by the end of the sophomore year:
  • 2 credits - English
  • 2 credits - Math
  • 2 credits - Science
  • 1 credit - Social Studies
  • ½ credit - Physical Education
  • ½ credit - Health

    Students not meeting the above credit requirements may need to enroll in summer school or correspondence courses to be eligible for graduation. See your counselor for assistance with student credit analysis and specific school requirements.
  • What High Schools participate in WCCC's programs?

    The Career Center serves students from:
  • Franklin High School
  • Kings High School
  • Lebanon High School
  • Little Miami High School
  • Springboro High School
  • Waynesville High School

    We refer to these schools as our home schools, associate schools or partner schools. WCCC also has open enrollment; contact our guidance office for more information.

  • How many credits will I earn toward graduation?

    Students passing every course at the Career Center earn eight credits each year. The eight credits earned will vary among programs. Please see a counselor for an exact credit breakdown per program. The career-technical program and employability classes count as career-technical elective credits. The English, Math, Science or Social Studies courses count as those particular academic credits.

  • Will I graduate from the Warren County Career Center?

    Students attending the WCCC who earn the necessary credits will receive their high school diplomas from their home high schools. They participate in the home high school's graduation ceremony. WCCC counselors and the home school counselors work and meet together regularly to ensure that each student and his/her parents are well informed of the student's credit status. The Career Center is an extension of the high school, and all Career Center credits are accepted by the high school toward graduation requirements.
  • Will I receive any type of certification from the WCCC?

  • The Career Center awards Career Passports, which contain the student's resume, a list of skills achieved, a transcript, and it may also contain letters of recommendation, honors, awards, and a Career-Technical Completion Certificate. Students who maintain a 91% attendance rate, a "C" average in the career-technical lab, and pass all other needed classes for their program will receive a Career-Technical Certificate.  
    Students completing their career-technical programs at WCCC attend a ceremony held in May to receive their Career Passports. The students wear their individual graduation gowns from their high schools, which makes the ceremony quite impressive and colorful.
    Daily Concerns
  • What is the typical school day schedule?

    The typical school day varies, based on the career-technical program. Each program is scheduled with half days for lab work and half days for academic classes. Lunch is scheduled in three shifts between 10:35 and noon.
  • How will I get to the Career Center every day?

    Students whose school districts provide busing may ride the bus to the Career Center. The student's regular bus will take him/her to the high school, and another bus will bring the student to the Career Center. At the end of the day, a bus will take students back to their high school, and they may then take their regular bus home. Many students drive to the Career Center. Students who wish to drive must obtain a parking permit from the WCCC front office.

  • Are there any special clothing requirements?

    Students are expected to dress in attire appropriate for the career area they have chosen. Shorts are not permitted. All students wear program shirts. Some career-technical programs have specific work uniforms.

  • What safety precautions does the WCCC take to protect students?

    All career-technical programs at WCCC stress safety and educate students regarding the proper safety precautions in their chosen program. Safety glasses, work boots, and/or steel-toed shoes are necessary in some areas of study.

    A School Resource Officer, who is a Warren County Sheriff's Deputy, is on duty during school hours. A school nurse is also on duty every day during school hours.

  • Are there any extra student fees?

    There are fees for each program to cover costs associated with Career-Technical Student Organizations, materials, supplies, tools, and/or equipment needed, including a Chromebook. Tool boxes and equipment purchased are needed for skill training in some of the programs. The tool boxes or utensils purchased are the student's private property and are his or hers to take home or to the job. Locked areas are provided for tools and equipment; however, each student needs to exercise proper care of the tools or equipment during usage. There are also fees for academic courses.
  • Future Plans
    How will my attendance at the Career Center affect my future?

    Attendance is very IMPORTANT! Generally, employers are not interested in hiring students who have a poor attendance record. The Career Center’s goal for all students is a 100% attendance rate. A minimum of a 91% attendance rate is required to become eligible for a Career-Technical Completion Certificate and to participate in the Early Job Placement Program.
    Can I get job placement through the Career Center?

    Many employers call the school offering jobs for students in specific skill areas. These jobs are referred to the appropriate career-technical teacher to recommend students for employment. Students who have worked cooperatively with the teacher and other students, have been dependable, and have received at least average grades, are recommended by the teachers. Job placement for those students who are recommended is excellent. Our online Job Placement Center has hundreds of area employers registered who post available jobs for our students.

    The Career Center participates in and endorses job shadowing, mentorships, internships, and apprenticeships in certain programs. Criteria must be met to participate in these programs. Many programs offer early job placement in a related career field in the last part of the senior year for networking opportunities and pay.

    Can I attend college or technical school if I attend the Career Center?

    Most definitely! Further education is encouraged in all programs. Our programs are college preparatory programs for associate-degree granting institutions. And through articulation agreements with local colleges and technical schools, some students have the opportunity to receive advanced placement prior to entering higher education and receive college credit after the successful completion of their senior year.
    Can I earn college scholarships if I graduate from the Career Center?

    Yes! You can receive scholarships from your home schools and some additional ones at the Career Center, depending on the program you are enrolled in. Miami Valley Tech Prep offers a $3,000 scholarship to Sinclair Community College upon successful completion of the Tech Prep Program.
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