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High School Social Studies (Government/American History)

Social Studies (Government/American History)

Government & Economics (5121)
The American Government/Economics course is offered to students at the Warren County Career Center. It is taught on a 45 minute class period schedule as a yearlong course. Students earn 1 social studies credit upon completion. Prerequisites are the required American and World History courses taught in 8th and 10th grades. This is the required American Government course that must be completed by all seniors. The core of the course is the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. The structure and function of the 3 levels of American Government, and the 3 branches within the levels are the course’s main focus. Also emphasized are comparative world government and economic systems, American political parties, current events, and principles of the market economy. The content standards and benchmarks for 11th and 12th grade Social Studies scope and sequence for the State of Ohio are followed in the course as guidelines.

Government & Economics – College Credit Plus (5125)
Pre-requisite: Score(s) must indicate readiness for college level course by meeting administrative requirement of the college overseeing the credits.  

American Government and Politics Overview of the nation’s structures, institutions, processes and products of the national government and the impact of these on the citizens. Emphasis is placed on relating discussions in the classroom to the personal world and to conceptualizing how government and politics function in the real world.  

Sociology (5131)
Sociology examines how individuals, groups, and institutions interact to make up human societies. You will learn about sociological perspectives, culture, social structures, and social inequality. You will study people and the roles they play in society, both as individuals and groups. Sociology teaches you about social institutions and social change. Topics of interest include: the family, education, political and economic institutions, and religion.  

Psychology (5133)
Basic psychology is designed as a semester course operating in a class period setting with 45 minute daily classes. The class offers one credit toward Ohio graduation within the social studies department. The course employs reading, writing, listening, and discussion techniques to encourage students to work out problems encountered in family, work, and social environments. Psychological theories are put in terms that adolescents can understand, put into immediate use in dealing with problems in their world, and take with them into their adult lives. The course utilizes a textbook, computer research, magazines, audiovisuals, and guest speakers as resources. Problem solving skills and cooperative learning techniques are developed within the content of the course. As the student better understands the psychology of people, he/she will be better prepared for management and any job requiring people skills. Students having a basic grounding in psychology are better able to make informed and reasonable decisions about human relationship problems.

Psychology- College Credit Plus (5134)
Pre-requisite: Score(s) must indicate readiness for college level course by meeting administrative requirement of the college overseeing the credits.  

University-parallel course covering history and systems of psychology, behavioral research methods, physiology of behavior, sensation, perception, learning, memory. Consciousness, cognition, personality, lifespan development, gender, social psychology, motivation, emotion, stress, mental disorders, and therapies.  

Global Conflicts (5141)
This course will examine the major Global Conflicts after World War II, The Cold War, The Korean War, The Bay of Pigs Invasion, The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Vietnam War, The Persian Gulf War and The War in Iraq. The primary focus of the course will be an in-depth study of the similarities and the differences, the causes and the results of these Global Conflicts in World History.




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