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Student Services

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Student Services

High School Student Services
Parents and high school students, do you have questions about...graduation? Programs? Academic Courses? Credits? College? Careers? Testing? Career-Technical Evaluations? Special Needs Information? We can help!

The Student Services Department at the Warren County Career Center provides information and assistance in all of these areas for all high school students. Call Kim Gambill, Director of Pupil Personnel, at 513-932-5677 ext. 5240, or email for answers to questions on secondary services.
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Adult Student Services
Adult Education Student Services Coordinator Robert Sheehan provides career planning and other assistance for adult students. Contact him at 513-932-8145 ext. 5249, or email Financial assistance for adult students is available from several sources for those who qualify. Call Gina Wright, Adult Education Financial Aid Coordinator, at 513-932-8145 ext. 5270, or email

High School Guidance Counselors
Our high school counselors help students complete their plans for high school and beyond, by helping them decide which academic classes to take and what career-technical program fits each student's career plan. Counselors also advise students on college preparation and application and scholarship application. Call 513.932.5677 ext. 5292 to speak to one of our counselors, or email Jackie New, student services secretary, at  Counselors: Mikele Giambra,, Stephanie Heidenreich, and Caroline Williams,

Special Education Services for High School Students
The Warren County Career Center's Student Services Department is fully staffed to meet the wide spectrum of educational needs of our students. We serve typically-developing students as well as students identified with a disability. To appropriately serve our special needs students, we have two Career-Technical Coordinators for students with special needs on staff. Additionally, we have a Career Assessment Specialist, who assesses students with special needs prior to any program placement at WCCC. Finally, we have two Intervention Specialists on staff to provide additional assistance to our special needs students in regular learning environments. Our goal is always to help students succeed in achieving their educational and career goals. Our special education coordinators are Diana Graham, 513-932-5677 ext/ 5222,, Maria Koronkiewicz, 513-932-5677 ext. 5245,, and Andrea Bowman, 513-932-5677 ext. 5228,  Our intervention specialists are Cathy Duell, 513-932-5677 ext. 5257,, Jennifer Krack, 513-932-5677 ext 5383, and Julie Shaw, 513-932-5677 ext. 4012,

Career Assessment
Any student at least 14 years old who resides in the Warren County Career-Technical Planning District may be scheduled for a Career Assessment. Students visit the Career Assessment Lab for one or two days to investigate career interests and skills and consider future educational and career options. The follow-up meeting to review results involves the student, parent, partner school personnel and the Career Assessment Specialist. Career skills assessed may include hands-on work samples to determine aptitude for tasks using the fingers, hands and tools, and assessments of clerical, reading, math, measuring and money-handling skills. Career Assessment Specialist Julie Green, 513-932-5677 ext. 5221,

School Nurse
Beverly Mount, RN, BSN, is our Licensed School Nurse/Safety Officer. She may be reached at 513-932-5677 ext. 5233, or by email at

School Resource Officer
In partnership with the Warren County Sheriff's Office, the Warren County Career Center houses a School Resource Officer in our building. The partnership was designed for two reasons: to help young adults understand and interact positively with Law Enforcement on a daily basis, and to help ensure a safe and drug-free environment for education. The School Resource Officer Program was developed through a federal grant as an appropriate and effective response to the issues of school-based juvenile violence and substance abuse. The School Resource Officer, or SRO, has served WCCC very well in establishing relationships that promote education, safety, and positive civic relationships. While the primary role of the School Resource Officer is that of a law enforcement officer charged with keeping order on school grounds, the SRO must also fulfill the roles of counselor, teacher and community liaison. The selection to serve in this challenging and comprehensive role are hand-picked deputies and our SRO was sent to specialized training before starting this assignment. The program is a direct reflection of the Sheriff's steadfast commitment to the health and well-being of our children. Our school resource officer, Warren County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Ron Smith,

We work hard to ensure that each student has an individual plan for achievement and receives the support necessary to complete their plans and be successful!
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