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Photo of Cathy McMonigle
The Treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer and reports directly to the Board of Education. The Treasurer's Office oversees all of the financial operations of the district, including payroll.
The Treasurer is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget. The budget must be adopted by the board no later than September 30th of each year. The Treasurer administers, in cooperation with the Superintendent legal and contractual business, including negotiations with the teachers association.

The Treasurer is also responsible for employee benefits, inventory, and insurance.
The Treasurer also serves as Secretary to the Board of Education. In this role the Treasurer holds all documents, contracts and official minutes of meetings. Public records requests should be sent in writing to [email protected].

Cathy McMonigle, Treasurer (513) 932-5677 ext. 5205

Nita Slaven, Asst. Treasurer/Receivables/Inventory (513) 932-5677 ext. 5207

Cathy Wysong, Payables (513) 932-5677 ext. 5208

Kassie Hosley, Payroll (513) 932-5677 ext. 5432

Natalie Gardner, Payroll/EMIS (513) 932-5677 ext. 5347 

Financial Information

The Warren County Career Center operates on two continuing operating levies, one passed in 1979 and one passed in 1990. The district utilizes grants whenever possible to supplement state and local funding. The current Five-Year Forecast can be reviewed HERE.
WCCC Levy History
1974 5.3-mill combo 5-year levy for purchase of property and operating, expired
1979 3.5-mill continuing operating levy, currently collecting at 1.72 mills
1990 1-mill continuing operating levy, currently collecting at 0.64 mills
The district currently operates on 2.36 mills. 


In compliance with the Transparency in Coverage Rule, Anthem creates and publishes the Machine-
Readable Files on behalf of the EPC. Beginning July 1, 2022, Anthem will publish the MRFs for the
plans we administer and maintain. These files will be published on and will be updated
on the first day of each month.

As of July 1, 2022, to link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided
These files follow the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) defined layout and are in the
CMS approved format (JSON) and are not meant for a consumer-friendly search of rates, benefits, or
cost sharing. Please refer to the member resources available through for this
information. Directions for finding pricing on the site can be found at & Benefits 
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