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Financial Aid

Don't Let Finances Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

WCCC’s Financial Aid Office assists students who, without such aid, would not be able to enroll in WCCC programs. We believe every student who wants to attend WCCC should have the opportunity to apply. Financial barriers should never prevent anyone from pursuing their education. The WCCC Financial Aid Office provides assistance to students to help remove financial barriers.

Several financial aid options are available for those who qualify. 

You may qualify for federal financial aid for programs over 600 hours, scholarships, or other resources that are offered by many outside organizations.

When should I begin the financial aid application process?

Application for financial aid should begin at least one month before the student’s courses begin. In cases where serious financial problems exist, the individual may make an appointment with the Financial Aid Coordinator to present information for further consideration.

Financial Aid Transparency Documents

Contact WCCC's Financial Aid Coordinator

Gina Wright is our Financial Aid Coordinator - extraordinaire! Gina will help you navigate the complex world of educational finances. She's an expert on all things financial aid, grants, scholarships, veterans benefits and more.

Reach out to her today and she'll work with you to help make your educational journey easier.

photo of financial aid coordinator gina wright

Gina Wright

Financial Aid Coordinator
Phone: 513.933.3944

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