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Career Technical Student Organizations

Career Tech Student Organizations (CTSOs) are your passport to an exciting journey in career preparation. These clubs bring together a unique mix of education, competition, networking, and pure fun! Each program at WCCC is a part of a CTSO program, such as BPA, FFA, SkillsUSA, or HOSA, which offers students a chance to dive into project-based experiences. These can involve leadership development, technical skills, or community service projects that set you on the path to success.

The challenge begins at the local level, but it doesn't stop there – CTSOs can take you on a ride through regional, state, and even national competitions! It's incredible to see how CTSOs shape our students into well-rounded, career-ready leaders. They gain not just practical knowledge, but also the teamwork and confidence necessary to excel in their chosen career paths.

Just last  year we were excited to be rooting on our students that made it at the BPA National Level Competition in Anaheim, California, and the HOSA National Competition in Dallas, Texas!