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Future Students

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We're excited that you want to learn more about how to join the WCCC family! 

If you're a current sophomore, you have plenty of time to learn about WCCC before application time ends! Our career tech programs at Atrium Campus and Main Campus are designed as two-year programs that students attend during their junior and senior years of high school. If you're not a current sophomore, we do offer some senior-only or flexible options; please reach out to us or contact your guidance counselor for more details.

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Future Students

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A Welding student in protective gear leans over the table while welding and sparks fly

What is Career Tech?

Career Technical Education, or CTE, allows you to take academic classes and learn workforce skills that you can take into the workforce to make competitive wages, use to pay your way through college, or anything in between.

This approach to learning helps you explore your passions, learn valuable skills, and gain college credits and industry certifications that will prepare you for a bright future.

Learn more about CTE

Three Fire Science and EMT students in fire fighter uniforms stand in front of a building

Join us for an Incoming Student Event!

We invite you to join us at our incoming student events for your chance to talk to current students, meet our instructors, explore our labs, and get all of your questions answered.

  • Local High School Presentations - Oct./Early Nov.
  • Sophomore Explore Field Trip - Nov. 16-20
  • WCCC High School Open House - Dec. 7, 5-7 p.m.

View Incoming Student Events

A Day in the Life

We have a variety of career tech programs on our two campuses, Main Campus in Lebanon and Atrium Campus in Middletown.

As a student, you will spend half of your day with us in your program's lab, gaining hands-on skill experience with the equipment you will find in that particular career field.

The other half of the day, you and your classmates will take academic classes to earn the credits necessary for graduation. Our academic teachers work hard to make academics relevant to career tech training so students get the hands-on skills and academic knowledge needed to succeed.

An Engineering and Robotics student works on a desktop computer at a desk in a computer lab

WCCC High School Application Process

Interested in applying to WCCC? We have the resources available to support you throughout your application process.

*Note: You MUST apply in order to become a student at WCCC.

Click on one of the links below to learn more about upcoming informational events and presentations, the application process, and how to contact us.

Incoming Student Events

Application Process and FAQs

Contact Us for Questions About Our Programs

Contact Us for Application Specific Questions

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