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Application Process

Ready to learn how to join the WCCC family?

Our career tech programs at Atrium Campus and Main Campus are designed as two-year programs that students attend during their junior and senior years of high school. If you're not a current sophomore, we do offer some senior-only or flexible options; please reach out to us or contact your guidance counselor for more details.

This time next year your life will be completely different.

Just imagine it... you took these steps to get started, worked hard, made friends, and crushed your goals. You're on track to land your dream career and life is going better than you could have imagined.

We make the enrollment process as quick and painless as possible and we'll guide you throughout your journey.

Apply Now

3-Step Application Process

Step 1

Attend a Presentation or In-Person Event

These are free, no-pressure events where you can chat with students, meet coordinators, tours labs, learn about our programs, and get all of your questions answered.

Get started by clicking a link below: 




Step 2

Apply for your Program

Our Advantage+ application window opens on November 16 and runs through December 31st. We encourage students to apply during this time for the best chance of being accepted and placed into their first choice program!  


Step 3

Confirm Your Spot and Get Ready to Crush Your Goals