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Automotive Technology

Two students make adjustments to a vehicle engine
A teacher and two students stand in front of a car with its front hood raised
Four students are working on the underside of a vehicle.
Three students lean on the shop garage door with automotive tools in their hands
A student picks up a part on a workbench and another student examines the wheel well of a lifted car
The Automotive Technology Program will equip you with a comprehensive skill set and hands-on experience that will serve you well in your future career in the automotive industry.

The Automotive Technology Program provides you with a comprehensive education in various automotive repair and maintenance areas. Throughout this program, you'll have the opportunity to dive deep into different aspects of automotive repair and maintenance. You will learn the ins and outs of brake repair, hone your skills in motor tune-ups, and tackle major repairs such as front-end alignment, engine testing, transmission repair, and engine overhaul.

One of the most valuable aspects of this program will be the chance to develop your troubleshooting and diagnostic skills for computer-controlled automotive systems. You'll learn how to pinpoint issues in modern vehicles' complex electronic systems, which can be both challenging and rewarding! You'll also gain expertise in cost estimating, as well as the processes of rebuilding and replacing automotive parts.

The program emphasizes hands-on experience, and you'll have the privilege of working on real-life projects for your district and community partners. These practical experiences will be invaluable in applying what you've learned in the classroom to actual automotive challenges.

Two students work on the underside of a vehicle

Career Opportunities:

  • Automotive Technician
  • Alignment Undercar Specialist
  • Component Rebuilder
  • Service Advisor/ Writer
  • Automotive Parts Salesperson
  • Shop Foreman
  • Parts/ Service Manager
  • Business Owner

*Some careers noted require additional education


Skills Gained:

  • General Automotive Analysis, Troubleshooting & Repair
  • Remove & Reinstall Engine
  • Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Manual Drive Train/ Axle Repair
  • Suspension/ Steering Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Electrical System Repair
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Repair
  • Engine Performance Evaluation/ Repair

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Students participate in SkillsUSA, a partnership of students, teachers and industry, working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. All students also have the opportunity to participate in the Tech Prep Showcase through the Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium.

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