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Alumna, Former Instructor Starting Alumni Association

Diana Lovett, Connie Lyall

Warren County Career Center alumna Diana Lovett and retired WCCC instructor Connie Lyall recently organized a WCCC Class of 1984 reunion. Lovett, whose last name was Hillard in school, completed the Early Childhood Development program and Mrs. Lyall, who was Ms. Schlemmer then, was her instructor. Their short-term goal was to bring 1984 classmates and staff together for a fun time of reminiscing, but their long-term goal is to organize a WCCC Alumni Association.
The WCCC Alumni Association will encourage more gatherings of all alumni to support each other, the school and its current students. A reunion for all classes is planned for spring at the school. Interested? Contact Diana at [email protected].

Lovett has the skills and drive to make it happen, according to her former instructor. “We saw Diana walk in on the first day of school and we knew she would be special,” Lyall said of her first impression of Lovett. “We have remained close through the years and have now reconnected. She has proven to be a go-getter in life. She wants to make a difference. We are working together to organize alumni and staff of the career center for an alumni association and school-wide reunion.”

In the ECD class, Lovett participated in FCCLA, and in her senior year became the FCCLA National Champion in Job Interview Skills. “Mr. (Bill) Woosley helped me prepare for the interviews, and since then, every job interview I have had, I have gotten the job,” she said. “This school gave me the confidence to succeed. It was a family. I was married, with a six-month-old when I started as a junior. This school gave me not only the education for my class, but the teachers and the staff gave me the attention to have the confidence in how to present myself. They recognized I was intelligent and could do more. That’s what changed everything for me. I learned how to sell, but essentially I was learning how to sell myself, to be genuine. I was taught the right way to do it. The smiling faces and encouragement meant everything. Mrs. Lyall brought out my creativity. Now, I want to make a difference by forming an Alumni Association, and you can’t do it by yourself.”

In the past 35 years, Lovett has worked in banking management, then she was licensed in securities, and was a financial advisor for 15 years. She lived in Kettering, and was involved in the community. She moved to Arizona and was president of a manufacturing company for three years before moving back to this area five years ago. She has also worked in home health care with the elderly.

She and her husband, Scott, are busy with grandchildren now. Diana has son David, and daughter Marielle, and three grandchildren, Rhemington, 4, attends the WCCC Learning Lab Preschool, Maelee, 9, and Landon, 5.

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