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Power Line Program Thanks Roco Miller

Roco Miller honored

Roco Miller, AESOhio, is the September 2022 WCCC Valued Business Partner. In his nomination, Adult Education Electrical Power Line Mechanic Coordinator John Sullivan said Mr. Miller was instrumental in starting the EPLM program at WCCC in 2008. In addition to the program at Main Campus, the EPLM program is offered as a satellite at Scarlet Oaks and Upper Valley career centers.

“The program wouldn't exist today without Roco donating time, expertise, and training equipment for the startup and on-going operation of the program,” Mr. Sullivan said. “Much of the equipment and tools used in the program were donated by Roco and his employer, AESOhio (formerly Dayton Power & Light). Roco routinely sends field operations updates so that we stay in step with changes in the industry---especially with regard to field safety and equipment issues. In addition, Roco has been an active member of the Electrical Power Line Mechanic Advisory Board from the program's inception. We can always count on Roco's participation in our meetings, his input on hiring practices, compensation, and employer expectations. He visits classes and provides valuable insight and inspiration for our students. His involvement helps us to remain relevant, safe, and in tune with the employer's needs. Roco is an outstanding individual and employer representative. And although employers regularly compete for the same pool of talent, Roco helps build alliances and share resources with other companies for the betterment of the industry overall.”

Mr. Miller said he employs several former WCCC students, and has heard positive comments from them about their experience at the school. “I have students from the WCCC Power Line program who work for me, and they always tell me how much John Sullivan and his teaching staff really care about the students,” he said. “This has always been an excellent program and I have loved working with them.”

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