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Dental Assisting Senior Plans Career

Layla and instructor Ms. Todd

Experience in the classroom and a work environment helps students cement an interest and determine their career path. For some, these experiences help them know they are exactly on their path. For others, it may help them decide to alter plans a bit. Either way is a valuable experience to have in high school, rather than finding out in college a desire to switch majors.

Dental Assisting senior Layla Ciboch, Springboro and now Carlisle, spent four weeks working in Drs. Noonan & Brachman's pediatric dental office this summer in between her junior and senior years. She said she learned about how a medical office works, including how to fill out insurance forms and manage appointments, and also gained experience in sterilization of dental tools and equipment. After getting a glimpse of working in a dental office, she is now considering her future career plans.

“I was deciding between nursing and dental when I applied last year, and chose dental,” she said. “ I have always liked going to the dentist, and I have also been interested in nursing, or becoming a doctor. I’m writing my college application essay about how my brother died when I  was a high school freshman, and how that experience made me want to get into the medical field and help people. Now, I am interested in pursuing nursing in college, and I am still considering medical school to become a doctor. I like my program, and my teachers, and I’m glad to be at the WCCC Atrium Campus. It is a smaller environment and I learn better that way.”

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