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1st Place at BPA Nationals!

[email protected] Digital Design students, Jude Hoy and Alex Atallah competed at the Business Professionals of America (BPA) national competition recently in Dallas, Texas. To get to the National Competition, these students competed at both the local and regional levels against other career tech students and then won a spot to move on to the national competition. Jude and Alex competed against 15 other teams in the Computer Animation category with their short film featuring Legos.

Congratulations also go to their program instructor Cassie Vitale who helped prepare the students for the competition. Check out the video linked below to see exactly how talented these students are, it is quite amazing! You will easily see why we are extremely proud!

View the short film here: https://youtu.be/iE7jKN6b7i8

Altogether, 19 WCCC students placed at the BPA National Conference. Also placing were:

Virtual Software Engineering Team Sirojiddin Aripov and Matthew Barnett, Third Place, IT at Kings, Mr. Holtrey
Justin Garter 4th Place Network Administration Using Cisco, IT at Kings, Mr. Holtrey
Network Design Team Kaleb Dereoun, John Yates, Brayden Goodyk, Tim Williams, all Springboro, 4th Place, Cybersecurity [email protected], Mrs. Marks
John Yates, Springboro, 7th Place Cybersecurity/Digital Forensics, Cybersecurity [email protected], Mrs. Marks
Donivan Elllis, Lebanon, 7th Place Linux Operating System, Cybersecurity [email protected], Mrs. Marks  
Virtual Branding Team Jack Allison and Jackson Pennington, 7th Place, Digital Media Arts at Kings, Mrs. Shields
Adam Perkins, Waynesville, 9th Place Computer Modeling, WCCC Digital Media Arts, Mr. Deeter
Sirojiddin Aripov, 14th Place Java Programming, IT at Kings, Mr. Holtrey:
Savannah Judah, 14th Place ICD-10 Medical Coding, Business Technology at Lebanon, Mrs. Zotter
Evan Scott, 21st Place Computer Network Technology, IT at Kings, Mr. Holtrey
Sophia Canino, 26th Place Advanced Desktop Publishing, Digital Media Arts at Kings, Mrs. Shields
Helena Januszki, 28th Place Integrated Office Applications, IT at Fenwick, Mrs. Baumaster

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