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Ohio Report Card Shows WCCC Achievement

WCCC Report Card

The 2022 Ohio School Report Cards were released in September, with K-12 districts seeing a change in ratings from letter grades to stars. Ohio kept the letter grade ratings this year for career and technical schools.

The Warren County Career Center 2022 report card, which tracks the Class of 2021, shows progress continued with student achievement despite the pandemic’s interference in the hours students were able to spend in the classroom. The district received a B for its overall grade.

In Career and Post-Secondary Readiness, with a B in its component grade, 83.8% of students in the Class of 2021 earned industry credentials, scored well on technical assessments, and earned dual-enrollment credit. ACT participation among WCCC students, which was mostly administered by the home districts, was at 94%.

Post program placement overall was 89.2%, earning an A component rating. Post-secondary education placement was 50%, employed 53%, apprenticeship 4%, and military 4.7%. 67% of students earned at least one credential and 29.5% of students earned at least 12 points in a single credential or in a bundle of credentials in a single career pathway.

Technical Skill Attainment for the Class of 2021 was 75.6%, giving the district a C rating for that component.

The Class of 2021 Graduation Rate in four years was 96.4% and in five years, 97.7%, earning the district another A for that component.

“We are proud of how our students and staff persevered through the challenging years of 2020 and 2021 and achieved success,” Superintendent Joel King said. “It all comes down to the dedication of our students and instructors to continue to push forward during periods of reduced time in the classrooms and labs during the height of the pandemic. We continue to pursue excellence in education for all of our students.”

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