High School Student Schedule Pick Up
Starting 8/8/2019 at 9:00 AM until 7:30 PM
Event Groups:
• WCCC District - Important Dates
Students are REQUIRED to pick up their personalized information packet between 9 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. This packet will include your class schedule and all other important information and required forms. All forms including the online forms must be submitted by Friday, August 23, 2019. Also on this day you may pick up your Chromebook, register your vehicle and have your picture taken for your Student ID. Please wear school appropriate attire for your Student ID.  If you had your picture taken at the Junior Orientation on April 11 your ID will be available for pick up. If you are planning to drive to the Career Center, please complete and bring the Parking Permit application that was mailed to you. There will be a $10 charge for a parking pass. The first day of school for WCCC Juniors is August 14, 2019. The first day of school for WCCC Seniors is August 15, 2019.
WCCC Main Campus
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