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2 WCCC/SHS IT Students Chosen for UC Internship
Freshman Brooke McKnight and junior Mathias Bustamante, both enrolled in Warren County Career Center/Springboro Information Technology programs with Instructor Jenifer Conard, were recently accepted to the University of Cincinnati's School of IT Internship program. Both will be on the Web Development Team. Students submitted resumes and also went through an interview process.The internship at the UCIT Solution Center started in March and runs for six weeks. Students will gain experience in full-stack web development using Node.js and related technologies. This is a project-based learning internship where participants will work on developing a mock application while exploring and learning the different technologies. ITSC welcomed 27 new interns this semester, and application is open to high school students, along with first-year Bachelor of Science IT and Master of Science IT students.

“The UC internship opportunity was interesting to me because it was the first opportunity I ever got as a freshman,” Brooke said. “It was doing something I hope to major in and I thought it would be a good fit for me. This internship might affect my career path by changing the direction it goes in. I’m learning a few new things about web development I haven’t yet learned about and it is opening me up to a few more major directions than I thought I had.”

Mathias is also very focused in his interest in computers. “This UC internship opportunity interested me because, since I was in 6th grade, I have decided that I want to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in Computer Science,” he said. “I have learned from a young age that gaining experience in a certain passion is very important for success. I have tried to find many opportunities to teach myself how to code and take classes, like the one I have with Mrs. Conard, AP Computer Science. I saw this internship as a very good opportunity to learn outside of the classroom/home and experience what it is like in the real work field and the things I may be doing after college.  This experience should impact my career path, because not only will I be aware of the things I may be doing, but I will understand the structure of how most of these software companies work. I will also have experience in the field and be able to show my capability to work on projects on my own and complete them by certain deadlines.”

Both said the WCCC satellite programs they take at Springboro High School have helped them further their career and educational goals. Brooke, as a freshman, is just getting started in the many IT courses available at SHS. She has three more years in high school to explore the IT field, and is currently enrolled in Video Game Design.

“My IT class has prepared me for this internship because it is run in a similar way. In class, we are pretty much allowed to schedule ourselves and just have a deadline to submit our work,” she said. “It allows for flexibility which is a great skill to learn for any job.”

“I think my IT classes have prepared me a lot for this internship, especially with problem solving,” Mathias said. “I have taken two IT classes so far, AP Computer Science and Intro to C++, and both of these classes revolved around working independently and having one goal to achieve. My skills in problem solving and finding resources to help me, have improved greatly and should help me in my internship, since this internship is mostly independent projects.”

The two students have plans for a future in the IT field, and see opportunities for a great career.

“In 10 years, I’d be almost 26 so I’d hope to see myself in a good position in my job, living in a home I built with someone, and having a positive outlook on the future,” Brooke said.

“In 10 years, I would like to be living in a city where technology is growing and many companies have centralized there, for example Seattle, Washington or Austin, Texas,” Mathias said. “I want to be working as a Software Developer for a large and influential company, such as Apple or Amazon. A big dream of mine is to have my own software-related company. These are the big goals that I would like to accomplish, but I have a feeling wherever I go to college, and the people I meet along the way will affect where I end up.”

WCCC offers IT programs at our Lebanon Campus, Atrium Campus (Cybersecurity), and satellite programs at Franklin, Kings, Little Miami, Springboro, Waynesville, and Bishop Fenwick.