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Who We Are

We’re a network of teachers, administrators, staff, business leaders and alumni who are ready to help you on a journey that is as special and unique as you are. Here, you’re not a number, but rather a person with limitless opportunity. We are what you need us to be to thrive, grow and explore.

We are flexible and constantly evolving. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

We are proud to be WCCC.

WCCC At-a-Glance

Most people are surprised when they learn what we do. Yes, we teach Career Technical trades - it’s what we’re known for! But did you know we offer programming starting as early as middle school? Or that we have programming in all of our partner high schools? Or that we have many options for adults looking to switch careers or earn a certification?

Peruse through our site and see what all we have to offer!

What is Career Tech?

That’s a great question! We like to think of it as that happy place where technical skills meet hands-on learning.

It’s what allows our students to learn technical skills that they can take into the workforce to make competitive wages, use to pay their way through college or anything in between. In our world, there is no one formula to success, but rather a flow of ever-changing opportunities. The choice is yours to take.

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Our Mission

To prepare youths and adults to make informed career choices and to successfully enter, compete, and advance in a changing world.

Our Vision

WCCC is the valued partner of choice within the educational and economic systems of our communities, by providing quality academic and career technical education.

We pave the way for a future of opportunities unique to each of our learners.

Our Values

WCCC staff, students, parents and others will behave in ways that support and demonstrate the following values:

  • Treating each other with respect, dignity, trust and mutual value.
  • Communicating openly and honestly
  • Taking ownership of personal actions and being held
    accountable for results
  • Upholding and demonstrating high ethical, educational and fiscal standards
  • Exhibiting high levels of professionalism
  • Providing high quality instruction and highly qualified staff to ensure success for all learners
  • Making quality customer service a high priority
  • Promoting partnerships and a team environment
  • Celebrating team and individual achievements
  • Using data to drive planning, decision making and actions

WCCC Brand Guide

Our brand says a lot about who we are and what we do. Flip through our Brand Guide to learn more about our logo, colors, and more!